Field Services

Essex Energy appreciates the value of maintaining an accurate record of asset conditions. We realize how important those details are and how they will guide your decision making towards capital investment strategies and overall asset management. To help utilities manage their portfolio of assets more effectively, and provide a more reliable system, Essex Energy offers a range of field services.

Field Services Include:

  • Asset inventory and mapping
  • GPS Mapping
  • Digital photos – spatially linked
  • T&D audits and inspections – Overhead, Underground and Stations
  • Non-destructive pole testing
  • Wood pole structural analysis modeling

Resistograph Wood InspectionEEC RWI.pdf

Resistograph wood inspections can identify internal defects and damages in both poles and trees in the form of decay and cavities. Utilities receive several benefits from detecting internal defects and damages, including minimizing risk or failure, improve system reliability, improve worker and public safety, and better service life of assets.

IR Services

Infrared asset inspections can identify issues due to the heat expelled from failing connections and equipment damage. There are several benefits to finding overheating components, including asset failure prevention, reduced employee and public safety risk, and providing a proactive way to repair assets.


Asset Inspections

Essex Energy offers visual inspections on a wide variety of assets that help ensure that your assets are functioning properly. Visual inspections can identify issues with assets such as rust, vegetation concerns, cracks and other potential hazards. Proactively fixing issues reduces the risk of injury, increases customer satisfaction by having fewer reactive outages, and can extend the service life of your assets.