Distribution System Services

Essex Energy offers utilities distribution system services which will benefit them in several areas of their daily operations. We offer:

  • Power Flow Studies
  • Protection
  • Demand Work
  • Design: T&D
  • Lightning and Grounding Studies
  • Cost Estimating
  • Short Circuit & Arc Flash Analysis
  • Phase Balancing
  • Capacitor Placement
  • Identification of Overloaded/underutilized assets
  • Switching Optimization
  • Connection Impact Assessments
  • Load and Contingency Planning
Engineers looking at blueprint


DESS (Distributed Engineering Simulation System) is a suite of software analysis tools which help you design and run your electrical system more effectively. DESS helps you create an analytical model that behaves in the same way as your real electrical system so you can understand, plan and operate it more effectively. DESS combines economic factors with proven engineering principles so that you can make both technically and economically sound decisions.

How our customers use DESS?

  • Determine voltage impact of distributed generation
  • Evaluate effects of load growth
  • Evaluate voltage updates
  • Operational planning for loss of substation
  • Determine feeder losses due to generation
  • Identify heavily loaded conductors
  • Compare supply options for new customers

All DESS inquires and support please contact our office today, 519-946-2000.

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