Large Scale Rooftop

Atlas Tube Centre

Our large scale rooftop top systems are customized to the buildings that host the projects.  To accomplish this, our professional staff first performs a comprehensive Pre-Feasibility Study to identify the key characteristics of the project.  Not all facilities are suitable for solar PV installations.  Essex Energy always aims to match PV systems to building types and geographic location.

Again, Essex Energy understands the critical nature of installing a PV system that is 100 per cent compatible with the host facility.

A perfect example of this can be found in Canada’s FIRST 500kW ROOFTOP SYSTEM where Essex Energy provided a full turn-key approach encompassing all aspects of the project.

Amherstburg Arena

We also provide services á la carte services to large scale rooftop projects, such as:

▪ Facility Evaluation (Pre-Feasibility)
▪ Feasibility
▪ Engineering
▪ Procurement
▪ Construction
▪ Installation Support
▪ Project Management & Commissioning
▪ Regulatory Consulting

Essex Energy’s PV systems are designed to provide maximum value using a building driven approach (Allowing the host building to drive a system design with maximum performance at minimum cost — with minimal disruption to facility and its users).  As with all of Essex Energy’s systems, a managed “Watch Dog” service is also available to protect your investment for large scale rooftops!

Vollmer Complex

Essex Energy is proud to service both private and public sectors across Canada.
For any additional questions or information, please contact Essex Energy.