Utility Work Estimating Software

Essex Energy has developed unique software that easily creates work estimates based on requirements, standards, materials and resource planning. The Work Estimating solution is ideal for utility companies of all sizes and is compatible but not limited to, Microsoft SharePoint and runs within the SharePoint environment.

Key Features:
▪ Work Estimating allows the end user to manage assemblies and standards as well as update components on an “as-needed” basis.

▪ Once you have completed an estimate, the user will be able to save that as a job template. This will allow your engineering department to save time, as this feature omits re-entering the information for the same job in the future.

▪ The environment plays a crucial role when planning any field job.  Essex Energy recognizes the importance that the environment can   affect the cost of a project and has designed work multipliers into the Work Estimating Tool. Travel, weather and soil can all be custom multipliers to each project.

▪ Our software provides the ability to associate inventory directly to workstations to enable accurate job kitting.

▪ Multi-level estimating allows multiphase job costing and the ability to link several jobs through one work estimate.

▪ Once logged into the Work Estimating Tool, you are able to seamlessly navigate from one company to the next. This eliminates the hassle of having multiple login sites and or username and passwords.

▪ The Work Estimating Tool has an automated quote generator and various reports.

▪ Burden and profit control is able to be modified as needed in the Work Estimating Tool.

▪ Our job analysis reporting controls enable your staff to quickly and accurately review live and up to date job cost details against estimated cost.


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