Utility Preventative Maintenance

Smart Assessment Solutions (SAS) provides you with a corporate wide asset condition assessment application, centralizing your data and simplifying your work flow. The needs of the asset manager and the maintenance administrator were vital through out the development of SAS. It was also important to provide an easy to use mobile tool, enabling the field worker to carryout inspections.

SAS allows end users to effectively budget and monitor current status of your maintenance program. Automated reporting and key performance indicators facilitate real time access to current progress. Automated budget and resource management are derived from per populated templates and scheduling. All variables effecting scheduling, budgeting, repair cycle are all driven from end user inputs.

A key component of SAS is the direct integration with GIS platforms and asset data. The integration permits accurate scheduling and paperless  feedback for accurate informational updates. By enabling work forces through the use of tablet PC’s, you are now able to update asset data, eliminate duplicate entry and the risk of lost inspection records. There are controls in place for GIS staff to manage and update records as inspected.

The system is designed to handle many inspection types including infrared, visual and operational for all electrical distribution equipment. SAS electronically captures and tracks inspection records and repair history.  One of the financial benefits that this feature provides is the reduction of time spent traditionally required for utility staff to manually look up. Crews can leverage this system from the field during repairs of issues found during initial inspections and record resolution all electronically. This information is then automatically transferred back to the central database.

Smart Assessment Solutions

A significant benefit that is seen through this application is provided through regulatory management. Inspection dates and tracking of non-compliance, contribute to ensure your assets are properly inspected on a timely cycle. SAS assists your company in forecasting capital expenditures and provides an accurate budget. The budget menu can be categorized into labour, equipment and third party costs, which can then be broken down into dollars and hours.