Utility Outage Management

Smart Outage Solutions (SOS) is a communication and outage management tool that allows for information to be transferred accurately between the call centre and the operation staff.  Once an outage call has been received, the administrator can easily enter the required information into the system.  The customer service entry screen is directly linked to the corporate customer information system that tracks potential outages from the customer call through to regulatory filing.   After an initial call is entered, an automatic notification with details from a GIS system (circuit number, transformer number) is sent to mobile devices and operational staff.  Following notification, crews are then dispatched accordingly and recorded within the system.  During an active outage, all details recorded in the system are available company wide.

After power has been restored, outage details are reconciled in the system and filed accordingly. Those details will include restoration steps, on site times and the number of effected customers.Those details are then available for reporting for regulatory compliance. The system will enable your staff to run a root cause and historical trending analysis.  Reporting can also be broken down by outage frequencies, severity index, outage by feeders and customer hours.

With the customer service integration you are able to track call history and directly link to associated outages all within SOS.  The tracking feature allows you to search by date, customer account number, customer name or location.