Street Light Assessment Software

Smart Light Solutions (SLS) provides you with a corporate wide maintenance application, centralizing your data and simplifying your work flow. When creating SLS, we focused on ways to improve customer service, operations, finance and senior management. SLS software allows for automated reporting, history, escalation, simplifies inventory and mobilizes crews. SLS allows historical trending to evaluate months that are traditionally busier. This system allows you to receive quick and accurate feedback. SLS will help you allocate resources by efficiently and effectively looking up the number of outages, which will improve your ability to align resources. Our accomplishment of Smart Light Solutions has resulted in a technology that has been proven to reduce cost and free up resources for your company.

The streetlight outages can be entered into SLS by any individual operators within the organization. This omits emailing, phone calls and post-it notes that can be ineffective. Now you can simply use the entry page that will send a list directly to the tablet. This means that any outstanding outages in the vicinity will routinely be updated to the Tablet PC, leaving no confusion for the crews. Once the maintenance list of outages are loaded on the mobile device, crews can filter and sort work based on multiple criteria like street name, district, type of problem, duration
of outage and priority.

With this software, an optimal repair route can be determined. When the repairs are being executed on site, SLS allows you to select repair methods and parts/materials that are used from preset options. Once the Tablet PC and vehicle return from the repair site, the Tablet PC will once again, automatically synchronize with the master database and make any necessary updates. The updates are available to view from all individuals.

An instant benefit of the mobile capability is that it immediately eliminates excess paperwork. No handwriting is necessary to interpret, there is no data to input, no lost material sheets and the material issue sheets are generated automatically.
SLS facilitates both automated email reporting and viewing reports. Reports are easily accessible allowing you to effectively supervise street light management through key performance indicators and daily reporting. Weekly summaries are easy to retrieve as well. For your preference, they can be broken down by category; new calls, completed repairs, area, and average day(s) for repairs.

The inventory reports can be very beneficial to the municipality and can be examined daily and bimonthly. This allows the municipality to closely monitor what materials are being used for repairs. With this feature, lost paperwork will no longer risk losing track of inventory. Having the inventory reports opened by a click of button has many benefits to your municipality.

Other Features:

  • Energy conservation calculator
  • Streetlight billing verification
  • Streetlight connection validation for distribution rates

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