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The following list highlights some of the most important features in DESS v6. If you’re looking for a specific feature but don’t find it listed, please contact us.

Analysis Types

  • Load flow
  • Short circuit
  • Protection coordination
  • Capacitor optimization
  • Phase balancing optimization
  • Motor Starting
  • Open point (switch) optimization
  • Annual load flow (energy load flow)
  • Load (incremental) loss
  • SCADA load flow

System Modeling

  • Unlimited model size limited only by memory (i.e. 100,000+ nodes)
  • Unlimited number of layers
  • Support for radial and networked systems
  • Full single-phase unbalanced representation for all analyses
  • Modeling of conductor mutual impedances and line capacitances
  • Single-phase to 3-phase to single-phase connectivity
  • Partial switching of 3-phase switches
  • Distributed generation  synchronous and induction
  • Synchronous generator reactive power limits
  • Automatic voltage regulation for transformer OLTC’s
  • Regulator dead-band
  • 2 and 3-winding transformer models
  • Capacitor control types: fixed, timed, voltage, VAR, PF
  • Detailed load modeling
  • Modeling of load curves for different customer types
  • Load data entry in kW, kVAr, kWh or Amps
  • Transmission supply voltage angle and range of impedances
  • IEC 60909 option for short circuit analysis

User Interface

  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Customizable font based symbol and line styles
  • Lightning fast circuit tracing and theming
  • Multiple tools make finding information and system navigation easy
  • Zoom layering (decluttering) of voltage layers
  • Pan and zoom using mouse wheel
  • Custom transparency for individual layers
  • HTML analysis reports
  • Node and line popup tooltips
  • Integrated help system
  • Windows standard printing and print preview

Data and Customization Interface

  • Documented XML format for data storage
  • Save results as XML, .CSV, .HTML data
  • Documented .NET Plug-In interface for customization and integration
  • Display background maps in SHP, TAB or DXF format
  • Protection coordination data for over 800 curves built in
  • User-editable reference data library of conductors and protection
  • Conversion available for GIS data for ESRI, Integraph, Enghouse, SHP/DBF

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • 2.5GHz Processor (Recommended)
  • 1GB RAM (Recommended)