Distribution System Services

Essex Energy offers utilities distribution system services which will benefit them in several areas of their daily operations.

Power Flow Studies

  • Loss Reduction – Phase Balancing, Optimization
  • Regulator, capacitor and reactor – sizing and placement
  • Load forecasting and modeling – 1yr, 5yr, 10yr, etc.
  • System Expansion Studies
    • Voltage conversions
    • Substations – new and existing
    • Transformer sizing and tap settings
    • Feeder development and conductor upgrades
    • Planned long-term development
    • Overhead vs underground, volts-amps-vars comparisons
  • Large Scale generator studies – Dynamic simulation and stability
  • Arc Flash


  • Protective device coordination
  • Relay settings
  • Fuse sizing LV & HV
  • Recloser settings
  • Relay programming

Demand Work

  • Fault Calculations
  • Motor Starts
  • Voltage Drop
  • Feeder Switching

Design: T&D

  • Pole line design
  • Underground design – direct burial, duct, plowed, water crossings
  • Foundation design
  • Substation Design – Full range of AIS/GIS design and planning services

Lightning and Grounding Studies

  • Transmission shield wire and gounding design
  • Arrester placement
  • Lightning Study
  • Gound grid design
  • Earth resistivity measurements
  • Ground electrode measurements

Cost Estimating

  • Construction cost estimating
    • Labour – Standard and elapsed hours, job factoring
    • Equipment
    • Material
    • Sundries
    • Overheads and contingencies
  • Overhead vs Underground Comparison
  • Detailed material lists and specifications
  • Specialty work estimates
    • Tension Stringing
    • Directional Boring
    • Thre Phase plowing

Short Circuit & Arc Flash Analysis
This service determines fault currents and impedances through the utilities electrical distribution system. Arc Flash analysis provides identification of Arc Flash Hazards including incident energy, flash protection boundary and protection level.

Phase Balancing
Phase Balancing provides utilities with a Feeder by Feeder system review with suggested changes to improve phase balance. Our report will identify the balancing of loads on the feeders which is achieved by the best balance of current flows along the entire feeder.  This reduces losses and releases feeder capacity.

Capacitor Placement
Essex Energy can accurately determine optimal capacitor size and location type for a utilities distribution system.  The report will identify optimal capacitor placement location, to improve system voltage, and reduce losses.

Identification of Overloaded/underutilized assets
This report determines the loading of assets within a distribution system. This will assist with replacing transformers or conductors before encountering issues related to overloading assets which will prevent damage.

Switching Optimization
Our switching optimization report will outline the best open point configuration to minimize the power losses on the system and improve the overall system voltage profile to reduce voltage drops on the most heavily loaded feeders.